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Book Review: C by Thomas McCarthy

August 31, 2010


When you read a lot of fiction, you start to see patterns.  It’s inevitable.  Writers are readers too, after all, and it’s hard not to be at least a little bit derivative.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, however.  Such patterns can be fun and often comforting in their familiarity, like bananas.  But if […]

Book Review: Best Friends Forever (Go ahead, laugh)

August 24, 2010


I read this book.  It was called Best Friends Forever.  No, it was not a title in the Babysitters Club series.  Yes, I’m reviewing it.  And guess what else?  I enjoyed it.  When I started it I thought, well, I’m a third wave feminist.  I can read this book without feeling ashamed or like I’m […]

Book Review: Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It

August 19, 2010


For a while there, I was on a short story kick (actually, binge is more like it).  It started off innocently enough.  One night, I hastily picked up two books from the “just returned” shelf that happened to be short story collections: Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri and The Things Around Your Neck by Chimamanda […]

Book Review: The Forgotten Garden

August 14, 2010


I frequently invenet for myself a childhood, or rather, the kind of childhood personality, I believe I should have had.  I should have stolen once from the penny candy tray; I should have liked candy; I should have pranced in red rainboots; I should have made a mudpie; I should have enjoyed carousels.  And I […]

Book Review: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Part II)

August 11, 2010


The appeal of Murukami’s memoir doesn’t end at the style.  Interwoven with the training journal tidbits are thoughts on the author’s personality and his process as a writer and a human.  He acknowledges, confesses even, that he enjoys the solitary nature of his life.  Ironically I find it reassuring to hear such sentiments from another […]

Book Review: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running (Part I)

August 10, 2010


A few weeks ago at the Harvard bookstore, I had the opportunity to hear Maile Meloy discuss her new book Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It.  It is a collection of short stories (beautifully crafted ones I might add) from an author has primarily published novels in recent history.  Of course a […]

Book Review: The Palace of Illusions

August 8, 2010


As religious texts go, the Mahabarath is a gem.  It’s not just instructive and exciting, it’s beautiful. The story has truly earned the descriptor “epic.” To make a long story short (understatement!), the general plot is about a devastating war between cousins, betrayal, kingship, morality, manhood, and the workings of fate.  Many more of you […]