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Is Anti-Oppression Work by the Privileged an Oxymoron?

December 4, 2010


Recently, a friend brought my attention to an article by Kil Ja Kim from the Chicken Bones journal: “The White Anti-Racist is an Oxymoron.” I had a viscerally oppositional reaction to both the title and the introduction, below: I received an annoying e-mail about white people and their struggle to do anti-racist work.  I keep reading […]

I Don’t Love Animals

September 12, 2010


“But you’re vegan!” Ok, yes, I am a vegan.  I don’t love animals.  I find the whole sentimentality around the category of “animals” somewhat vacuous, perhaps insulting.  Unless you are a biologist who loves your work, a Nirvana-ed being, or prone to bestiality, the statement “I love animals” has little meaning, and is at least […]

Book Review: The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

September 8, 2010


I’m taking a break from a bit of the explicit feminist musing to write a review I should have published some weeks ago.  What can I say about The Elegance of the Hedghog? It makes my heart flutter to think about it.  When I was reading it, I would carry it around from subway to […]

Changing the Blog Title

August 28, 2010


Queer is a Verb didn’t quite suit my purposes anymore.  I think intersectionality is a much better theme for me, and the way I write, and “Who’s on Third Wave” is more fun anyhow.

My Vegan 100

August 23, 2010


Some time ago, various lists of “100 foods” were circulating blog world.  Healthy Happy Life posted a list of 100 vegan foods one must try.  I think it’s brilliant.  And I think I’ve done quite well for myself.  How would you rank?  Get into the kitchen or market and use this as an inspiration.  I’ve […]

Quick Link: NY Times Salad Recipes

August 20, 2010


Fresh, flavorful, nutrient dense, and diverse, 101 36 salad recipes from the NY Times:

Other Runners

August 12, 2010


Now I know: I’ve derived enough from Murukami.  I should really shut up about running and reclaim it as a private experience.  But one other passage from his memoir has stuck with me–one in which he so accurately portrays the ways he interacts with other runners as their paths cross. He talks of the brief […]